ECAF: Edinburgh Comic Art Far.

10am to 4pm
Saturday 23rd November, 2024
Out of the Blue Drill Hall. 36 Dalmeny St, Edinburgh EH6 8RG.


  • Where? Out of the Blue Drill Hall. 36 Dalmeny St, Edinburgh EH6 8RG.

  • When? Saturday 23rd November 2024.

  • Set up - 9am to 10am

  • Open - 10am to 4pm

  • Mulled Wine Artist's Mixer - 4pm - 5pm

  • Pack down - 5pm - 6pm

  • Table Prices? £35 for a half, £60 for a full. Tables are 6' x 2.5'.


All applications will be judged using our Curation Policy. We recommend you read through it before applying.All visitors and exhibitors at ECAF will be expected to adhere to the Friendly Spaces policy, so please read through that too!


All applications will be judged using our Curation Policy. We recommend you read through it before applying.All visitors and exhibitors at ECAF will be expected to adhere to the Friendly Spaces policy, so please read through that too!


  • Applications - Open July 5th; Close August 5th at midnight.

  • Table Offers - Results aim to go out August 16th.

  • Invoices - Delivered with results; due by September 1st (get in contact if you need longer!) "I'm at ECAF" graphics emailed out with acceptance offers.

  • Profiles - Listed on the ECAF website by October 1st.

Curation Policy

Edinburgh Comic Art Fair aims to celebrate the independent comic scene in Scotland, and hopes to spotlight exhibitors featuring independent and self-published comics of all kinds, as well as a range of creators and illustrators from across the country.

Suitable Work

The core aim of ECAF is to spotlight Independent and self-published comics (E.g. Short comics, graphics novels, zines, experimental sequential art), and other Illustrative arts (E.g. Prints, etc). Ideal applicants will be able to show a portfolio of either/both these things.We do also allow exhibitors to sell other merchandise (E.g. pin badges, stickers, keychains, and tshirts), but ECAF’s focus is not on creators who are solely selling crafts and other handmade goods.


Conventions and fairs are often inaccessible to marginalised creators for a variety of reasons. Because of this, we will be prioritising applications from:

  • Black creators or creators of colour.

  • Disabled creators.

  • Queer creators.

  • Creators whose work speaks on an experience that is not often represented.

We are not at all interested in work that promotes hateful ideologies, or work from creators who use any AI platform or tool to generate either any kind of media (E.g. writing, images) in any capacity.


Wondering if ECAF is the right show for you? If any of the statements below apply to you, there might be other spaces in Scotland that would be better suited to your work and your needs:

  • You are representing an established, large publisher of any kind. Instead, consider the Edinburgh International Book Festival.

  • Your work is primarily text (prose, poetry, etc) with no visual or sequential component. Instead, consider CYMERA Festival.

  • Your work is not wholly original (ie. fanworks). Instead, consider Anime or Fan Conventions, such as DeeCon.

  • Your work focuses on fine arts, conceptual printmaking, or limited edition hand-crafted books. Instead consider Fruitmarket's Artists' Bookmarket.

  • You publish tabletop, roleplaying, LARPs, or board games. Instead, consider TAGS Fest or Tabletop Scotland.

  • Your work focuses on perzines, minizines and non-profit zines. You are welcome at ECAF but may find a stronger community and more cost-effective table pricing at the Edinburgh Zine Festival.

  • Your work focuses exclusively on handmade crafts. Instead consider other arts fairs held at the Out of the Blue Drillhall.

Transparency Disclosure

This year programming will be organised by Eve Greenwood & Brian Tyrrell, who also organise TAGS Fest. We will not be cross-considering applications to either event, and outcomes of applications to one event will not affect applications to the other. To ensure we remain unbiased in our curation, applications will be reviewed by two members of Out of the Blueprint as well as Eve and Brian.

Public Liability Insurance

If accepted to the festival, exhibitors will be expected to have public liability insurance coverage for the duration of the event.If you don’t currently have public liability insurance, you can find advice for getting short or long term coverage in Heather Parry’s free book, The Illustrated Freelancer’s Guide. Chapter 1, page 33 covers public liability insurance — however, the whole book is full of invaluable advice!


You can cancel your table and receive a full refund (minus transaction fees) up to October 31st 2024, as we will likely be still able to quickly approach other exhibitors on our waiting list.From November 1st 2024, we cannot guarantee a refund. We will attempt to find a replacement for you from our waiting list; if this is possible, we will confirm your cancellation and issue a refund.We do not allow for table swapping (e.g. giving your paid table to an unvetted exhibitor).If you do not show up to the event/have not contacted us about a cancellation you will not be due a refund.Please email [email protected] if you have any questions.

Friendly Spaces Policy

We want Edinburgh Comic Art Fair to be a place where creators of all backgrounds can share their work, and all of their fans can show their appreciation, in line with Out of the Blue’s equalities commitment.Anyone exhibiting at or visiting the festival agrees to follow the guidelines below.This policy will be arbitrated on a common sense basis. Creators or attendees who do not follow these guidelines will be asked to leave the event immediately.If you feel this policy has been broken by anyone, please inform a volunteer steward.


  • Respect the Stewards. You will be asked to leave the event if you ignore warnings to mind your conduct.

  • Respect other creators and attendees. Use correct names and pronouns; if you aren’t sure what name or pronouns to use, ask. If you make a mistake, apologise and move on. Intentionally misnaming or misgendering someone is not a respectful way to talk to anyone.

  • Refrain from using offensive, hostile or intimidating language. This includes but is not limited to homophobic, transphobic, or racist language.

  • Be considerate and careful of your surroundings. Don't misuse, damage or misappropriate other exhibitors' or visitors' property.

  • No 'hard sales' or 'haggling' tactics are to be used.

  • Keep the event space clean and tidy. Don't drop litter, and don't block walkways or fire exits with boxes or banners.

  • Be mindful of the space you occupy, and don't block other exhibitors' tables. For example, by having your table display hang over another exhibitor's table, or blocking one exhibitor's table by queuing to speak to another exhibitor.

  • Be respectful of the venue. Do not create any lasting marks at the venue, and be polite and respectful to Out of the Blue Drill Hall staff.


  • Works that promote discrimination (including but not limited to sexuality, race, gender, religion or age) are banned from this event.

  • Works featuring AI generated content (e.g. art, words, etc) are banned from this event.

  • NSFW or 18+ material cannot be on display. This material can be kept behind an exhibitor's table or out of reach of younger attendees with only non-explicit content on display.

  • Trigger warnings should be displayed by exhibitors when appropriate.

Masking and Illness

Edinburgh Comic Art Festival is being held in November, when colds and flus are more common. The event is being held indoors with no ventilation (how chilly would that be!) and many of our friends and community members are disabled and/or immuno-compromised.Because of these circumstances, we firmly request that you consider wearing a mask when attending ECAF if you are able to so that we can prevent the spread of contagious illness.And if creators and makers are masking, please take that as a sign that they would be more comfortable with you wearing yours.We will have disposable masks available for free at the welcome table. You are of course welcome and encouraged to bring your own mask, as it may be more comfortable!We will have signage at the entrance of the event asking attendees to wear masks. If you are sick with a contagious illness (flu, cold, COVID-19, etc) please be considerate of your fellow community members and do not attend the event.

Children and Young Adults

Attendees under the age of 16 are welcome at ECAF, but must be accompanied by an adult at all times. ECAF, OOTBP Drill Hall, and our stewards take no responsibility for unattended underage visitors.


We love our furry friends! ECAF has affectionately been known as ‘Dog Con’ by past attendees, as more than a few visitors like to bring their dogs along.Out of the Blue Drill Hall is a dog-friendly space, but all dogs must be kept on a lead, and accompanied at all times. You cannot tie your dog up and come back for them later.


ECAF will be held at the Out of the Blue Drill Hall, just off of Leith Walk.

The Drill Hall is a building of considerable historical and cultural significance to the Leith community. Careful, sustainable restoration and regeneration has transformed this former military building into a participatory and inclusive arts and cultural centre, with artists’ studios, rehearsal and performance areas, exhibition spaces and a well-reviewed café.The Out of the Blue Drill Hall is a vibrant, fun, and inclusive place, where people can experience all kinds of innovative contemporary arts, enjoy the creative atmosphere, meet, discuss, eat, relax, learn.


The Drill Hall cafe serves locally sourced and seasonal produce, with wonderful baked goods, all made in-house (including Drill Hall Cafe Preserves which you can buy to take home with you).You can enjoy delicious breakfasts, hot lunches, fresh-made sandwiches, enticing cakes, and a variety of hot and cold drinks at affordable prices.


There are three toilet facilities, all with step-free access. Men’s toilets are on the left as you come in by the main entrance. Women’s toilets and an accessible bathroom with baby changing facilities are further inside, a right turn just before the cafe.


Train. Edinburgh Waverley is the closest station, with links available across the UK.
Tram. Balfour Street is the closest stop.
Buses. Leith Walk: 7, 10, 11, 16, 26 and 49; Easter Road: 1 and 35.
Parking. Off street parking can be found at the top of Leith Walk, about a 25 minute walk from the Drill Hall, or 5 minutes by Tram or Bus. Car Parks include the OMNI Centre, St James Quarter, Edinburgh Waverley Station and Holyrood Road.

What's the venue like?

The main hall is a bright space, lit by skylights. Tables are well spaced, creating wide corridors for visitors to browse and wander through. The space is not too loud when filled with visitors.Events and talks are held in a dance rehearsal studio connected to the main hall. The space is cosier, and lit with warm artificial lighting. Doors will be closed during events, to help attendees hear panellists.For Exhibitors: The hall can be quite chilly in the Winter, especially if you're sitting at your table all day. There will be free kettle tanks of boiled water for Exhibitors' use, and we recommend bringing a thermos and dressing warm with multiple layers.Below is a gallery of photos taken across previous ECAF events!

About Us

ECAF (Edinburgh Comic Art Fair) was first held in the iconic Drill Hall in Leith during Scottish Book Week in November 2017.

Showcasing all that's new and exciting in Scottish comics scene, our annual free event started as a collaboration between Out of the Blueprint and BHP Comics.Now in 2024 as we approach it's sixth edition, ECAF has weathered the pandemic, and is back with more stalls, more workshops and more of the very best from the Scottish comics scene, all with that unique friendly ECAF vibe.Big up and thanks are due to Sha Nazir and everyone at BHP Comics who have put so much work and love into developing this event over the years. This year Out of the Blueprint is proud to partner with Eve Greenwood (Quindrie Press) and Brian Tyrrell (Stout Stoat Press) to host, curate and deliver a day that champions, platforms and connects some of the the most exciting young Scottish makers! We look forward to welcoming you all!

Out of the Blueprint is a risograph print studio, set up in 2015 and based in The Drill Hall in Leith. The studio offers an affordable and eco-friendly print service with a particular focus on supporting under 25s. Over the past 9 years, Out of the
Blueprint has developed into providing three interlinking strands of activity:

  1. Operations - Using sustainable RISO and GOCCO printing for commercial print work, primarily for local organisations in the arts and third sector, generating funds to support our social purpose.

  2. Training - Providing hands-on experience of a working studio for young people aged 15–19 experiencing barriers to employment in a friendly, nurturing environment for those who need it most.

  3. Creative - Developing and delivering a creative programme of artist residencies, commissions, exhibitions, events, workshops and projects, specifically for young artists aged under 25.

Our long-term aim is "to develop the Out of the Blueprint studio as being at the heart of a vibrant and sustainable print-based arts community in Leith, supporting young people to flourish and thrive."Out of the Blueprint's creative programme, including ECAF, is gratefully supported by the William Grant Foundation.Out of the Blueprint is an Out of the Blue venture

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